By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 02, 2002 01:00 PM

What’s an early-morning TV show host to do when one of her regular guests is embroiled in a scandal? That’s the question facing CBS “Early Show” host Jane Clayson, following a tense exchange she had with Martha Stewart, 60, last week. In what some TV critics described as a surreal scene, Stewart tersely answered Clayson’s inquiries about the ImClone stock scandal while hacking away at a head of cabbage. “I want to focus on my salad,” she told Clayson. So what will happen this week, on Stewart’s regular Wednesday segment? “Early Show” spokeswoman Jennifer Tartikoff told New York’s Daily News: “We’re going to make our decision closer to the interview, but if there are more developments in the story, we will address it.” Stewart’s spokeswoman declined comment to the paper, but did present a press release highlighting what the lifestyle empress plans to reveal this summer on her syndicated TV show, “Martha Stewart Living.” Stewart is under scrutiny for selling nearly 4,000 shares of ImClone stock last December, just one day before it plummeted on news that the Food and Drug Administration had rejected one of the company’s cancer drugs. On Monday, it was widely reported that congressional investigators reviewing documents concerning the stock sale had found no tangible record between Stewart and her broker of an arrangement for him to sell her shares when the stock fell below a certain price, as both have claimed. Tuesday morning, CNBC News said Merrill Lynch, Stewart’s brokers, turned up a document with “$60” written on it, which may refer to that price.