Follow these five easy steps for a killer bash

By Kiran Hefa
Updated November 18, 2009 11:50 AM
Credit: Summit Entertainment

The opening of New Moon is only days away – and what better way to kill the time than to throw a New Moon pre-party.

Gather your fellow Twi-hards, your Twilight DVD, your copy of Stephenie Meyer’s second novel, and follow these five steps to a fang-tastic festivity!

1. Test Your Twilight Trivia
After screening Twilight for the crowd, put your IQ to the test! Have your guests sit in a circle, write down the name of a character on an index card, and then pass that card to their left, with the character’s name hidden. One at a time, each player will hold an index card up to their forehead, displaying the character. The aim of the game is to help your fellow fan-pires discover their Twilight identity by shouting out clues about their character.

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2. Feast on Bella’s Favorites
In a nod to leading lady Bella (Kristen Stewart), dine on Italian. Serve up a simple spaghetti with meatballs and marinara sauce (an ode to bloodsuckers!), which requires little effort but can feed many. Twi-hards looking for a more sentimental touch should whip up mushroom ravioli, Bella’s first meal with Edward (Robert Pattinson).

3. Get in Bella’s Mood
Prepare yourself for Bella’s heartbreaking torment by listening to the angsty New Moon soundtrack, with songs from Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers and Thom Yorke. You can even take it a step further by predicting which songs will play during scenes in the movie.

4. DIY: Twilight Makeovers
Turn New Moon into a night out by dressing as your favorite characters! Team Edward loyalists can mimic the vamp’s famous sparkle with shimmer lotion or luminescent makeup, while Team Jacob (Taylor Lautner) devotees can display their allegiance to the wolf pack by drawing the Quileute tribal tattoo shown in the film. Fancy yourself more as a member of the Volturi? Head over to PEOPLE’s Instant Makeover, and recreate Jane’s (Dakota Fanning) frightening features with red contacts and blonde locks!

5. Story Hour
After Meyer campaigned for it, Twilighters rejoiced when onscreen Edward uttered the line “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” straight from the pages of Twilight. Read aloud your favorite pages from New Moon and share quotable moments from the second novel you’d like to see make the cut on the silver screen.

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