How to Listen to PEOPLE' in the '90s' , a New Podcast About the Best Era in Pop Culture

Revisit pop culture’s golden era with PEOPLE’s new podcast about everything '90s

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Tune in on Thursdays for a new retro podcast, PEOPLE in the '90s, presented by the magazine most qualified to discuss all things pop culture. PEOPLE in the '90s is a time capsule wrapped in a love letter while also posing as a podcast.

The podcast is hosted by PEOPLE's Deputy West Coast Editor Jason Sheeler (favorite year: 1994) and Style and Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal (favorite year: 1997).

The magazine that's ruled since the '90s has the best view of it all, from 90210 to Reality Bites to Tae Bo and car phones, to Brad and Jen to Brad and Gwyneth to Ben and Matt and Matt and Winona ... you get the idea.

Each installment of the podcast spotlights one PEOPLE issue (and one week) from 1990 through 1999. Listen as we throw it back to the personalities and events which made the '90s memorable. You'll remember your favorite celebs while you flip your Tamagotchis over beloved flannel-shirted couples. We'll chat about forgotten, overhyped, or underrated pop culture gold. (Cruel Intentions, Clueless, and Natalie Imbruglia, duh). And we'll do it while wearing baby tees and drinking Sunny D. Okay, probably not the Sunny D. But probably baby tees.

Close your flip phone, straighten your scrunchie, and tune into our new podcast, PEOPLE in the '90s; it's the podcast version of hanging out with your besties as you thumb through a photo album.

Listen to the podcast here.

New episodes drop Thursday mornings on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

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