Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram, seething with jealous at all of the pictures of beautiful people who get to sit front row at Fashion Week, literally inches away from Gigi and Kendall as they strut down the runway? Do you feel like you could be just as famous for wearing clothes well, if only someone was willing to take a chance on an unknown kid? Do you spend all night praying that you’ll wake up with Karlie Kloss’ legs?

Well, we can help you makes those dreams a reality. (Well, the first two, at any rate.)

For us mere mortals, the sidewalk can be our runway – and fashion glory can be attained with just a few key accessories and a decent social media following. Simply follow these steps, and before you know it, street style stardom will be yours for the taking.

Just remember to make us your plus one to all of those glamorous parties you’ll be attending next year.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Accessories Are On Point Look, fashion shows are packed to the rafters with beautiful, well-dressed people vying to have their picture taken, which means that if you want to rack up more time in front of the camera than them, you’re going to have to find some way to stand out from the rest of the riff raff.

“Accessories are key an extra cool bold shoe, bag or piece jewelry can make an average look to street style queen status,” says People Style’s Fashion Market Editor Sarah Ball. “A great statement coat is always is always an easy way to stand out during February Fashion Week since it s so cold and you’re always are wearing it. And cool and colorful or fur/faux fur scarves/accessories are also an easy way to add some extra flare.”

(Everyone loves a little coat porn.)

Step 2: Practice Posing from H to T

Put all of those America’s Next Top Model marathons to good use and get your pose on – but we’re not talking about your standard smize or fish gape. If you want to look become a street style star, you’ll need to stand like one: “Legs crossed, with your arms down, and add a head tilt with a little smirk,” Ball recommends. It’s a look that says “‘I don t care that you re taking my picture and I m kind of inconvenienced by it, but I m going to let you take it because I m actually excited about it.'”

Step 3: Go To Where the People Are

Look, you’ve already put all of that work into making sure that your makeup is as flawless as Kylie Jenner’s and your outfit is seriously envy-inspiring – when it comes to finding the perfect spot for your photos, you’re allowed to take the easy way out. “You re always in a group of people and everyone usually congregates in the same place like entrances to the shows, and photographers camp out there,” Ball advises. “So if you have an awesome outfit, you ll stand out and get your photo taken.” In other words: Follow the crowd, look confident, and show off what your mama (or your credit card) gave you.

Step 4: Go Big or Go Home If your perfectly styled, impeccably accessorized outfit isn’t drawing you quite as much attention as you would like, it’s time to up the ante a little. “I hate to say this,” admits Ball, “but the outfits that are super out there usually get a lot more attention than someone who s wearing something more normal and chic.” Which means it’s time to make like Kylie and break out the all-lace bodysuit. (Unless, of course, you’re feeling a bit more conservative, in whch case Ball advises you go for ” something bold, like a brighter color or print, statement shoes or jewelry.”)

Step 5: If All Else Fails, Just Bring Your Own Photographer Along Fact: People want things (like pizza or attention) more when they see that other people are receiving it. So, naturally, if you get your picture taken by your own paparazzi, that should inspire the masses to rush to snap their own Insta, right? “It s so competitive and the photographers are all so scared to miss someone, that once one photographer starts taking someone s photo they all do,” reveals Ball. In other words, make people’s FOMO work for you.