How Stars Celebrate the Holidays

From Marcia Cross to John Mayer, Christmas is about the kids, family – and getting away

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They may be celebrities, but at the holidays, stars have down-home traditions of their own. It’s all about relaxation and quality family time away from the cameras.

When asked about their holiday plans, here’s what these stars said:

Marcia Cross: “We just don’t know yet. It’s all new. It’s our first Christmas together as a family, and it’s probably going to be sort of quiet. I want to go out and take a hike in the woods and have kind of an outdoorsy day. Just all kids, all day. It’s just fun.”

Regina King: “I’m going to Cincinnati to spend it with my family. I really hope my house sells, that would be the greatest Christmas gift ever … I’ve been blessed so much, someone pointed out that I work a lot and I was like, ‘No, I don’t work a lot,’ and they’re like ‘No, I IMDb’ed you and from the years 2000 to ’07 you’ve done 17 projects.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I have worked a lot,’ so I’m going to sit back this Christmas and this New Year’s and take the time to be grateful and have that gracious moment with my family.”

John Mayer: “I’m going to hang out with my family. I’m going to forget about all this stuff for a minute, if you don’t mind. And then, you know you got to work harder these days to disappear, so I’m going to try a little harder, which basically means I won’t leave the house or the studio.

Shar Jackson: “Just to stay home and relax and enjoy each other that’s all we ever do. …You just have to understand that that’s what comes first – your family comes first. All the stuff, all the glitz and glamour, its all nice and everything but at the end of the day the only thing that makes me truly, truly happy is my family and my babies, and they’re amazing and the more time I get to spend with them the better.”

Andrea Bowen, Kelly Preston and Carmen Electra

Andrea Bowen: “It’s my first holiday in L.A. I’ve lived her for five years and I’ve never actually spent a Christmas here so it should be fun. … I’m the youngest of six kids, and even though … everyone’s much older now, we still every Christmas Eve all have to sleep in the same room no matter where we are, what we’re doing, we have to sleep in the same room. And whoever wakes up first has to wake up everyone else up first, and I seriously think that we act like we’re 4 years old but I love it.”

Kelly Preston: “We go to our home in Maine every year, first spring, first snow. I take the kids sledding, Johnny comes, we all love to sled down the backyard. Sledding down the backyard or we go to the golf course. I’m huge on Christmas, I love Christmas.”

Carmen Electra: “My friends come over – all my friends that live here but their families live in a different state – we all get together, we cook, we play games, board games, Scategories, and now Guitar Hero and Rock Band. So it’s fun. I always look forward to it. I have great friends.”

Joely Fischer: “I’m spending Christmas at home with the family, in our new house. And I’m going to Wales for the first time over New Year’s. I’m going to be there for my 11th wedding anniversary and going to a wedding the same day!”

Kathy Griffin: “It’s important to separate yourself from your family as much as possible, so I like to send them to a resort where they can drink on someone else’s dime. I’m actually going to go to Manhattan, and I’m going to do New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper in Time Square.” As for what she wants from her billionaire boyfriend, Steve Wozniak: “I want an island. Like Kim Basinger had that town. I want a town actually. I want him to get me a town. And I was actually thinking New York City would be a good town.”

Rebecca Gayheart: “You know what, [husband Eric Dane and I have] changed our plans so many times, I’m not even sure what we’re doing for the holidays. But we’ll definitely be spending it with family and friends.”

Reporting by Shruti Dhalwala, Jed Dreben, Alondra Hernandez and Jenny Sundel

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