Brie Larson on How She's Coping with Oscar Buzz: 'I Have an Awesome Therapist'

The Room actress says she isn't stressed about award season.

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Brie Larson isn’t stressed about the Oscar buzz surrounding her recent performance in Room because she’s still trying to process it herself.

“The interesting thing about our brains is they can’t figure things out in the moment,” Larson tells PEOPLE in the newest issue of the magazine. “So, I’ve relieved myself of trying to understand it in the moment.”

In Room, Larson, 26, plays a kidnapped woman forced to raise her son in captivity. The movie is based on a best-selling book and reviews have praised performance by Larson and her co-star Jacob Tremblay, who plays her son.

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The Trainwreck actress says she’s “super-excited” about the upcoming award season. She also has a few more things helping to keep the stress at bay.

“When I’m sitting in bed that Brie I know,” Larson says. “But I don’t know the Brie in sky-high heels on a carpet with a bunch of people screaming at me. I wonder what she’s like. Either way, I’ve got an awesome therapist and an awesome family, and two really cool dogs, so I’m good.”

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