How Lance Proposed to Sheryl

Crow gushes over her six-carat ring and Armstrong's romantic marriage proposal

When Sheryl Crow sashayed into Versace’s grand relaunch party in London on Monday, the singer couldn’t help but gush about the moment fiancé Lance Armstrong popped the question.

“He rowed me out into the middle of a lake in the mountains and asked me to get married,” Crow, 43, told PEOPLE. “It was very romantic.”

She also showed off her huge platinum-set diamond ring that Armstrong, the 34-year-old Tour de France champ, gave to her. “He picked out the ring himself and had it designed. It’s absolutely gorgeous,” said Crow, adding that they’re already planning a spring wedding, likely in the U.S.

Armstrong, appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday, said that his proposal was more spur-of-the-moment than he expected. “We took this boat out to the middle of the lake, and this is one of these little fishing boats with the motor behind going,” he said. “It ran out of gas in the middle of the lake, and so I thought, you know, we’re stuck here. I may as well ask her now.”

The couple both said the moment was picture perfect, but there was one thing missing, said Armstrong: “I felt bad . I didn’t have the ring with me.”

Crow didn’t seem to miss the bauble in the moment, but displayed the diamond on the air Tuesday. “It’s a cushion cut. I think it’s six carats. He definitely pulled out all the stops,” she told Winfrey.

When asked by PEOPLE whether their wedding will be a big party or private affair? “Don t know yet,” Crow said. “I think probably a pretty big do.”

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