How Kelly Ripa Keeps Her Family Organized the 'Old-Fashioned' Way

Ripa has partnered with the Children's Motrin Unstoppable Moms Campaign to raise money for Safe Kids Worldwide

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Raising teenagers is a whole new world for Kelly Ripa.

“We’re in outer space as parents! We are in uncharted territory,” she tells PEOPLE.

Back when she was growing up, “there was no social media, no distractions like they have now,” she explains. “We had one phone, it was in the kitchen, and if we wanted privacy, then we would have to stretch the phone cord as far as it could go down the basement stairs.”

A mother of three, the Live with Kelly and Michael co-host manages a busy household with her husband, Alpha House star Mark Consuelos.

Her secret: getting good advice.

“Everything I’ve learned that is beneficial to me, I’ve learned from a fellow mom,” says Ripa, 44.

That made her the perfect partner for the Children’s Motrin Unstoppable Moms campaign, which takes Live‘s feature highlighting real mothers to the next level.

For every tip or trick a mom shares on Motrin’s Facebook page, the company will donate $1 to the nonprofit Safe Kids Worldwide. And for every suggestion, participants are entered to win a $100 Target gift card.

So what are Ripa’s top tricks? When it comes to 13-year-old daughter Lola, she recommends an old-school hobby.

“My daughter always says she wants more privacy, and I respect that, I understand that,” she says. “I said, ‘If you want to keep a diary instead of Instagram, then you will have privacy. I will not read your diary, but if you’re going to be on Instagram, I’m going to read that, because that’s not private. That is social media.’ That’s how we work it out in our house.”

But her biggest tip for working parents is staying organized with a classic calendar.

“I know it sounds old-fashioned, I know it sounds simplistic, but it really does help,” Ripa says. “To see a calendar say, ‘Don’t forget you’re taking the bus home today.’ ‘Don’t forget you have a hip-hop lesson today.’ ‘Don’t forget you have wrestling today.’ It really paints a very clear picture, and that has been the single greatest lifesaver, instead of me just sort of trying to remember stuff in my head or writing it down in my iPad where only I have access to it.”

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