You'll Never Believe How Kate Moss Ended Up Starring in 'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie'

Jennifer Saunders dishes on what it's really like working with the famous supermodel and why she's simply "fabulous"

Photo: Ian West/PA Images/Startraks

Convincing one of the world’s most successful supermodels to star in your film is a lot easier than it sounds – especially if the model in question is Kate Moss.

That’s what the British comedian, writer and producer of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Jennifer Saunders, discovered (to her relief!) when she wrote Moss a a pivotal, hilariously tragic role role in her much-anticipated film and sold the script before checking in with the famous model.

“I had thought it would be a good idea and ran it past Stella [McCartney] one day. I said: ‘Do you think Kate would like it if she fell off this balcony’ and she said: ‘Yeah, she’ll be fine’ and that was it.” After a quick phone call, Moss was on board. “She said: ‘Send me the script,’ and that was it.”

And the model was just as easy to work with on set. “She sits down, no makeup on. She doesn’t come with an entourage or demands – she lives her life very simply and she doesn t care what people think – she is fabulous!” says Saunders who plays the eccentric champagne-quaffing PR guru Edina Monsoon in the film, out July 22.

Saunders’ costar, Joanna Lumley who reprises her role as Eddy’s drunk and disorderly fashion editor pal Patsy Stone, not only agrees but says the feeling seemed to be mutual.

“This film for her was just heaven,” she says comparing it to life on a modeling photo shoot. “Having been a model, they are tough – you get tons of money but my God, you have to work for it.”

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