Funny or Die co-founder Adam McKay reveals how Depp agreed to play the presidential hopeful in the hit online film

February 12, 2016 03:55 PM

Johnny Depp is this week’s surprise Internet sensation.

The award-winning actor was revealed as the star of Funny or Die’s fake Donald Trump biopic, The Art of the Deal: the Movie.

The surprise factor is that no one knew anything about the film or Depp’s involvement until it dropped online this week. So how did it happen? Funny or Die co-founder and Oscar nominated director Adam Mckay revealed that it is a case of the right idea, the right time, and the right person.

Johnny Depp as Donald Trump in The Art of the Deal
Funny or Die

“That was a meeting I had with Johnny and his agent Tracy and Owen Burke, who is the guy who runs Funny or Die day-to-day,” McKay revealed at the 31st annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival Thursday, where he was honored as one of the outstanding directors of the year. “He had this crazy idea that he and his writer had come up with. He said, ‘Can I come to the meeting and ask Johnny about it?’ I go, ‘Owen that’s crazy,’ and he said ‘Please can I come?’ and I went, ‘Alright.'” And so I said, ‘Johnny Depp before I go, this is the craziest idea ever, we’re going to shoot a feature film in four days, we’re not going to tell anyone, are you interested?” And right away he said, “Yep” and that was it, he was in, it was amazing.

McKay said that the Black Mass star came at the role with the perfect amount of “play” and creativity.

“Depp is a player, he loves to be creative,” McKay said. “He loves to do interesting stuff and Owen had great instincts as far as who to ask and it’s been really enjoyable seeing the reaction to it.”

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