How Denzel, Ethan Handle Admirers

Denzel Washington, 46, and Ethan Hawke, 30, in Italy for the 58th Venice Film Festival, where they are promoting their new movie, the police drama “Training Day,” were asked at a press conference how they handle fan attention, reports PEOPLE. “You are two beautiful, really handsome men,” said the reporter. “You are considered two sex symbols, and you are both married. (Washington to Paulette Pearson, Hawke to Uma Thurman.) I think Denzel has been married for 20 years and has got five children . . . ” Actually, Washington held up four fingers. The reporter continued: “Four kids, right. I’d like to know how you reconcile, with your wives, the relationship that you have with you fans, which are probably overwhelming.” Replied Washington: “This is called show business. I don’t really have a relationship, in that sense, with my fans. I see them when I go to a premiere or see them in the street and I say hello, and they ask me to sign an autograph. It’s not a personal relationship. I actually definitely appreciate my fans but I don’t follow them home.” Piped up Hawke: “I do. And just let it go from there.”

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