Dennis Rodman appeared as his flamboyant old self at a press conference at Planet Hollywood Beverly Hills on Monday to explain his jump from the Chicago Bulls to the L.A. Lakers. The Washington Post reports that several of the journalists covering the event showed up in drag, obviously in tribute to the cross-dressing bad boy of basketball. As for Rodman’s drag, The Post says he entered “sporting a full metal face — lower-lip stud, nose rings and ear bobs.” Rodman was accompanied by his sister and his wife, actress Carmen Electra. Rodman said he and his wife would maintain separate residences in L.A.; he’ll live in a hotel, while she will reside in her own home. Added The Post: “The news conference got right raunchy after Rodman announced that Electra ‘really pleased me last night, if you know what I mean.’ The newlyweds (they married last November) couldn’t actually agree on who did what to whom, but that hardly matters, since neither the questions nor the answers are printable in a family newspaper.”