The comic reveals what his five sisters taught him about dating

Dane Cook credits his five sisters with teaching him everything he knows about women – even joking, “there’s estrogen running through my veins!”

“My sisters would go out on bad dates and when they got home, I’d be sitting in my pajamas playing video games,” he recalled at a launch for Boston Common magazine Tuesday, while promoting his new romantic comedy. “They’d start giving me speeches, ‘Dane, this is what you should do. This is how you treat a girl.’ So I listened and I learned – that’s the key number one: listening. Don’t try to give them the answer.”

Seems the lessons continue to affect his own dating techniques. “I take it very slow,” Cook, 36, admitted. “I don’t kiss until the 40th date. I don’t just meet your whole family – I meet your whole community before I actually go out on a date with you.”

The comedian added: “I’m a hopeless romantic in real life but in this film, My Best Friend’s Girl, I play quite the bastard.”

Cook stars with Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs.