By People Staff
Updated October 29, 2008 04:00 PM

How does Jada Pinkett Smith, juggling a husband, two kids and career, find time for herself?

“I make sure I get jobs so that I can go away and have promotional tours and have an excuse to be alone,” said Pinkett Smith, 37, on Tuesday evening at the directorial debut of her film Human Contract at the Chicago International Film Festival. “This is when I have alone time, when I m out on the road promoting. But this time my daughter is with me – I love her to death but I joke that it s just messing up my whole flow.”

Husband Will Smith, 40, lent a hand as executive producer on the film.

“It s sometimes a challenge for us… because when you have a husband who knows a lot – sometimes you have to say ‘You ve got to let me do this so I can figure it out,'” says Pinkett Smith.

On set, however, it was clear who was in charge. “Oh no, this was my set,” she jokes. “He definitely would come in and try (to take charge) and sometimes I would ask him.”

“I have a tight-knit family, we love each other, so we do whatever we need to do to make it work,” she says. “Will … does whatever he can to support me.”

As for the kids? “They re very easy children,” she said. “They just get it.” – Kim Peiffer