The young reporter waded into the water, microphone in hand, to assist the man to safety

A stranded motorist’s dramatic Houston, Texas, water rescue was caught on camera during a live local Monday news segment.

KTRK-TV‘s Steve Campion had just started his report in front of a flooded road in Houston’s Heights neighborhood when a car attempted to pass.

The vehicle immediately began to sink.

The man driving the car, identified only as Andy, opened his door and called to Campion and his camera crew for help.

Campion can be heard yelling, “You’ve got to get out of the car. You’ve got to get out!”

“Leave the car, swim!”

“Leave the car!”

The young reporter then wades into the water, microphone in hand, to assist the man to safety.

Campion asks him, “Sir are you OK? Did you not just think the water was that deep?”

“I didn’t think the water was that deep. I just thought it was a puddle,” the man told Campion.

At least five people have died from weather-related causes since Houston began experiencing intense flooding Sunday, reports the Associated Press.

“Do not go out until conditions improve,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has said.

“This is an unprecedented amount of rain. It’s been stubborn and it’s not moving anytime fast.”