'Housewives' Back with New Secrets

In the second season premiere, Bree gets more controlling – and someone's in a basement

Bree Van De Kamp was back in business Sunday night, proving herself the control freak of all time on the second season premiere of the ABC hit Desperate Housewives.

Needing to inform her friends that her husband Rex (Steven Cross) had died in the hospital, Bree (Marcia Cross) waited until the clock struck precisely 9 a.m. to make the calls.

Then all hell broke loose, in the form of her heavily grieving mother-in-law, Phyllis, (Shirley Knight), who openly battled Bree, blaming her for making Rex’s married life miserable. When Phyllis had the temerity to criticize Bree in front of the pastor in charge of Rex’s memorial service, Bree banned her from the funeral.

The determined daughter-in-law later recanted, until the two silently scuffled at the service – where Bree publicly removed the orange prep-school tie that his mom placed on her dead son.

In other words, just a typical day on Wisteria Lane. Bree also brought a basket of cookies to welcome the new housewife on the block, Betty (Alfre Woodard), who has a teenage son of her own and – like all the others – a secret. Hers? Someone is chained up in her basement.

Meanwhile, Lynette (Emmy winner Felicity Huffman) re-entered the workplace, having to take her infant daughter with her to the final interview, against the warnings of her human resources officer (Joely Fisher). Lynette proved herself a multi-tasker, changing the baby while advising the jock ad agency honcho on how to improve business. She got the job.

Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) faked a paternity test document to prove to husband Carlos the baby she’s carrying is his, though the most urgent piece of unfinished business from last season came at the beginning of the hour: Hunky plumber Mike (James Denton) being held hostage by unhinged teenager Zach (Cody Kasch).

But as Zach aimed the gun at Mike, Susan (Teri Hatcher) knocked him down, and the teen ran out the door.

As the hour developed, Mike informs Susan that he suspects Zach is the son he never knew he had, and a tearful Susan replies that she and her daughter couldn’t possibly move in with Mike, after all.

As for Edie (Nicollette Sheridan), she didn’t do much during the hour, besides try to thwart Susan from seeing Mike, though she did wear a very silly hat to Rex s funeral.

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