After reading these stories from hotel workers who found super weird stuff in guest rooms, you’ll never feel bad about leaving behind a yogurt in the mini fridge again.

1. “As the owner of a bed and breakfast place for the last eight years, the craziest thing I ever found was an old battered notebook with ‘why I love salad’ written on the front and then literally 40-80 pages on why salad was amazing. It looked like it had been written on and off over the course of several years.”

2. “Cats. Cats everywhere. And a $100 tip with a note that said, ‘Thanks for taking care of these guys, be back in a week.’ She didn’t come back.”

3. “I had a guy who said his microwave didn’t work, and I went up to the room and found that he’d locked a plate of food in the safe.”

4. “I checked an empty room left with doors wide open, and on the table was brown bag with over $20,000 cash.”

5. “Ducklings. The guest said the mother duck had died so she had started looking after the ducklings herself. We found them in the lodge bathroom. After that, they were kept in someone’s office until the right people came to collect them.”

6. “These newlyweds wanted a chocolate fountain. Sure, my boss thought, that wouldn’t be too much trouble, right? No, they had to search like hell to find one. After the couples stay, they check out and don’t really say much. When the maid is going to clean the room, she basically goes in and starts laughing. My boss comes into the room, too, and there is chocolate everywhere. You could see her butt cheeks in the bed and on the table and even on the roof. You could make out where they started and where they stopped.”

7. “A gourmet cheese platter under the bed.”

8. “These guests who had checked out had absolutely destroyed their room. There were broken wine and beer bottles everywhere. They had purposely crushed chips and cereal into the floor, along with toothpaste all over the walls and furniture.”

9. “I always have to check the Bibles, people will leave anything from love letters to gift cards to condoms in them. One of the girls I work with said she found one with just pictures of cats in it.”

10. “All the sink plugs has been taken off their chains and placed under the beds.”

11. “Dead alligator.”

12. “I went to turn on a table lamp and found a film canister with some coke in it.”

13. “A Hot Pocket in the safe with a note that said, ‘microwave is broken.’

All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.