May 16, 2005 08:00 AM

Paris Hilton’s racy TV ad for a burger chain – a spot that was said to be possibly too hot for the airwaves – will begin being broadcast as of Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

“We’re working on trying to make Paris Hilton famous,” joked Andrew Puzder, president and chief executive of CKE Restaurants Inc., which owns the fast food chains Carl’s Jr. out west and Hardee’s in the Midwest and whose burgers the hotel heiress will be hawking.

The 30-second spot reportedly opens with the star of “The Simple Life” star, 24, in a skimpy black bathing suit as she slaps suds on her Bentley and water hoses shoot suggestively. Chomping into a sandwich bursting with barbecue sauce and jalapeno peppers, she declares for the camera, “That’s hot.”

Puzder tells AP that it was his company’s ad agency that suggested using Hilton. “She’s very appealing to our demographic,” which he described as young, hungry guys.

This isn’t the first time his company has pushed the envelope in its ads. A previous commercial showed a woman shoving her fist into her mouth as a voiceover said: “How do you know if you can eat the largest double burger in the country? There’s one way to find out.” Yet another featured Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner and several playmates – and was condemned by televangelist the Rev. Robert Schuller.

The Carl’s Jr. ad with Hilton begins airing Tuesday, followed by the Hardee’s version next month. On its Web sites, CKE will also reportedly feature a 60-second version, which Puzder termed “racier.”

Meanwhile, there’s been no word on how much lettuce Paris received to go with her burger.

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