'Hot Dog Princess' Gets a Visit from Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile!

Ainsley Turner became an Internet sensation after dressing as a hot dog for her dance school's "Princess Day"

Photo: Courtesy Oscar Meyer

Cinderella has her carriage, and the “Hot Dog Princess” has her Wienermobile.

Ainsley Turner, 6, became an Internet sensation last week after photos of her dressed in a hot dog costume at her dance school’s “Princess Day” went viral. Now, Ainsley is enjoying the perks of her newfound fame.

Oscar Mayer’s famous Wienermobile arrived at the Holly Springs School of Dance on Sunday to greet Ainsley and her family – well, most of them.

“The sad thing is there are only six seats in the Wienermobile, and they’re bringing two drivers,” Ainsley’s dad, Brandon Turner, told the News and Observer. “So Dad will be following along behind them in the minivan.”

Ainsley proudly waved from the eye-catching vehicle and posed in front of it in full hot dog costume.

Eric Mittenthal, vice president of public affairs at the North American Meat Institute and president of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, also contacted Ainsley’s father on Twitter to offer free hot dogs to Ainsley and her friends.

Grayson Lamontagne, who teaches at Holly Springs, told Buzzfeed, “I wanted to share the pictures first of all because it was so innocent and cute, and also because I was so impressed with how confident a little girl could be with herself to just wear whatever she liked the best. Her parents and I agree that it’s a great message for young girls and they are, as I can imagine, very proud of Ainsley.”

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Ainsley’s dad took to Twitter to share his surprise in his daughter’s newfound fame.

“No parent is ready to learn that their daughter is trending….#hotdogprincess. Best part is it was all her idea!” he wrote.

“She just loves hot dogs!” he added.

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