Courtesy James Anderson
February 26, 2014 02:30 PM

I do! Now, push!

An expectant Texas couple, aided by a hospital staff, were married in a delivery room suite in a last-minute ceremony put together just hours before their baby’s birth.

Father-to-be James Anderson, whose significant other Brandi was rushed to North Hills Hospital with contractions days before her due date, decided they needed to be married – right away.

Anderson, of Fort Worth, turned to nurses in the North Richland Hills labor and delivery department and asked if they could help, Houston’s KHOU News reported.

“The dad came out and told us that he wanted to get married,” nurse Ashleigh Campbell told KHOU. “At first, we didn’t think he meant now. Once he told us, ‘Yeah, we want to do it here,’ I think pretty much the general consensus was ‘Aww.’ ”

While the bride received an epidural, the groom dashed out to pick out a perfect ring. Meanwhile, Campbell called her father, Tim Johnson, a minister, and asked if he could hurry over and perform the ceremony.

“I was just thinking that if I was the one on the bed, I would want somebody to care,” Campbell said. “My thinking was, let’s do the best we can to give this beautiful couple the best memory we could for them.”

Brandi’s father arrived just as her water broke, doing the honors in a room the staff had decorated for the special occasion. The couple’s son, 6, also came in to serve as ring bearer.

“When we started this, there was a calm that came over the room, a quietness,” the pastor said. “The best I can say was it was peace. This was something that was very special.”

And quick. A half hour after the wedding, the couple welcomed daughter Janelle, as teary-eyed nurses and staff looked on.

While the mother said she was surprised, the new dad pronounced the moment as just right. Said Anderson, “The only thing I felt was regret that I didn’t do it a long time ago.”

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