Hope Solo: I Want People to Forgive Me

The U.S. Soccer Team star talked to GMA about her recent suspension and domestic abuse charge

Photo: Tony Quinn/AP

Hope Solo has a message for parents whose kids worship the turf she stands on – people make mistakes.

The two-time Olympian soccer player whose logged a record 78 career shutouts as a goalkeeper told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America Wednesday that she hopes people forgive her. The athlete, 33, was recently suspended by the U.S. women’s national soccer team after acting belligerent when her husband was arrested for driving under the influence. She was not arrested or detained.

“Clearly, I wasn’t thinking,” Solo told Roberts. “It was a horrible choice. I think I just wasn’t in a good place mentally to even make good decisions. It was stupid and we should have called a taxi.”

“I want people to realize I’m just human and I make mistakes,” Solo said. “I want people to be able to forgive me. If they are willing to do so, I want to be the best athlete I can be and the best person I can be. I know I have room for improvement.”

Solo also addressed the domestic violence charge from last June, when she was arrested for allegedly hitting her sister and nephew during a family get-together. The charges were eventually dismissed.

“It is still very difficult to talk about. I’m not going to go into all the details,” said Solo. “I was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my 17-year-old nephew, who is 6’9″ and 280 pounds. I was struck over the head, concussed pretty severely. It was a scary night.”

Solo’s sister Teresa Obert and her son C.O. released this statement to GMA: “It does a disservice to domestic violence victims to suggest that one’s physical size is a determinative of whether one is an abuser.” Roberts reported that Obert and her son maintain that Solo was the aggressor.

“I’m not going to be too hard on myself right now,” Solo said. “In terms of what parents tell their kids, everybody makes mistakes, everybody learns from them, hopefully, and continues to work on themselves. I’m a work in progress.”

Solo is with the women’s soccer team in Portugal for a tourney in preparation for the World Cup this summer in Canada.

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