See how hundreds of negative comments were transformed into a message of love


Honey Maid has taken negativity and turned it into something sweet.

On March 10, the graham cracker brand released a commercial titled “This Is Wholesome,” depicting the daily lives of different families. The message of the ad – that love is what it takes to make a family – included interracial and same-sex couples.

In a new spot, posted Thursday, Honey Maid revealed “This Is Wholesome” received online comments calling the ad “horrible” and “disgusting.”

Instead of dwelling on these negative feelings, their new (now viral) video shows how the company, with the help of two artists, transformed the backlash into a literal message of love.

After carefully arranging the critical responses, the artists next add “This Is Wholesome”‘s positive feedback, which outnumbered negative messages 10 to 1. The result is a creative representation of the idea that “only one thing really matters when it comes to family … love.”

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