Chris and Liam Hemsworth! James and Dave Franco! Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy! Vote for the hottest celebrity siblings
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Trying to break out of the shadow of a successful sibling is no easy task.

Chris and Liam Hemsworth. James and Dave Franco. Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy. They’re just a few brothers conquering Hollywood with their good looks and talent – and firing up heart palpitations among fans.

So we ask: Which of the siblings below deserves the title of Hollywood’s Sexiest Brothers? Vote in our poll, and then sound off in the comments section!

The results will appear in next week’s issue of PEOPLE.

1. Chris Hemsworth, 30, and Liam Hemsworth, 24: The Australian brothers, who share buff bodies, great hair and a love for surfing, are part of a tight-knit family. “We have a good relationship. We’re all very close and supportive of each other,” Chris has told PEOPLE.

2. Zac Efron, 26, and Dylan Efron, 22: Since completing rehab last year, the Neighbors actor says Dylan has helped him get through tough times. “More and more I’ve come to rely on my little brother to keep me grounded,” Zac said at a press event on Oct. 17.

3. James Franco, 36, Dave Franco, 28, and Tom Franco, 34: The artistic clan from Palo Alto, Calif., are all creative. Tom, who is the director of the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, where people can create or buy art, joined his family to support James’s Broadway debut in Of Mice and Men on April 16.

4. Adam Levine, 35, and Michael Levine, 30: When Adam’s brother announced he was gay, the Maroon 5 frontman was supportive. “We all really wanted to provide some cushion for him and constantly let him know that it’s okay,” the Voice judge told OUT magazine.

5. Maks Chmerkovskiy, 34, and Val Chmerkovskiy, 28: There’s no rivalry between the Dancing with the Stars pros. “I’m his biggest fan,” Maks has told PEOPLE about his younger brother. “He’s more of the creative talent.”

6. Chris Evans, 32, and Scott Evans, 30: The Captain America star and his brother, a former actor on One Life to Live, grew up pulling pranks on each other. Scott told Jimmy Fallon that Chris convinced him once to urinate in his pants while they were playing outside.

7. Justin Theroux, 42, and Sebastian Theroux, 25: The two appear to share similar taste in clothing. Justin who told Esquire that he goes for the “winter from the waist down” look year-round was in New York City with Sebastian dressed in nearly identical outfits: black leather jacket and black jeans.

8. Alexander Skarsgard, 37, Bill Skarsgard, 23, and Gustaf Skarsgard, 33: The tall brothers from Sweden are a brooding group of fellas. Alexander plays an often-nude vampire on HBO’s True Blood, while Bill stars as a creepy, yet sexy creature of the night in the Netflix thriller Hemlock Grove. As for Gustaf, he plays a rugged Norse ship-builder on History’s Vikings.

9. Jared Leto, 42, and Shannon Leto, 44: The Dallas Buyers Club actor is best friends with his brother and 30 Seconds to Mars bandmate. At the Academy Awards in March, Leto thanked his older sibling in his acceptance speech. “To my brother Shannon, the best big brother in the world, you’re a true artist. Thank you so much for sharing this insane and amazing adventure.”

10. Prince William, 31, and Prince Harry, 29: The family man and the ladies’ man, the doting dad and the dashing soldier, the heir and the spare – Disney’s got nothing on these real-life Prince Charmings, whose hearts are as big as their love of sports.

11. Tiki Barber and Ronde Barber, both 39: The identical twins are both former NFL players and brutally honest with each other. “Ronde knows that I’m not going to tell him something just to make him feel better about himself,” Tiki has told the Washington Post. “I’ll give him honest criticism, just as he’ll give it to me.”

12. Stephen Amell, 32, and Robbie Amell, 26: Okay, so they’re not brothers, but these Canadian cousins are the resident hunks on the CW channel. Stephen, who welcomed his first child last October, stars as a comic book hero in Arrow and Robbie, a former model, is the lead actor in the sci-fi series The Tomorrow People. And they certainly qualify in the hot department.

Vote for you favorite brothers (or cousins) below!

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