By Stephen M. Silverman
October 09, 2001 02:38 PM

Studio security has reportedly been stepped up all over Hollywood in light of Sunday’s strikes against Afghanistan. Guards at Universal Studios used hand-held mirrors on Monday to check under visiting cars, reports Reuters. The movie and TV dream factories, which tightened security two weeks ago after the FBI warned that they could be targeted in a siege, have now increased their vigilance even further – although, predictably, officials were reluctant to reveal exactly what measures were being taken. Still, even the most casual observer could not overlook how car trunks were opened for inspection and how all visitors were asked to pass through metal detectors on Monday. Outside Warner Bros., security guards conspicuously parked patrol cars for all passersby to see. A spokeswoman for one studio, who asked not to be identified, said that inter-office memoranda were dispatched to reassure employees that safety precautions were in effect. Some officials confirmed that more guards had been added to their staffs, and others said controls were put in place on Sept. 20 when the FBI issued its initial warning. “We’re doing exactly what we’ve been doing,” said Barbara Brogliatti, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. (which, like PEOPLE, is part of AOL Time Warner.) “The difference now is, we are more efficient.”