Fame is fickle, but this real estate will always be A-list

Credit: Mary Rozzi

“This is my woman cave,” says Jenny McCarthy, 40, of the bathroom in her penthouse apartment in the Trio Apartments in downtown Chicago. “All my friends know that if anyone calls me at night, I’m talking to them from my bathtub.”

With its floor-to-ceiling windows and spa-like decor, the space allows the actress and host of a new VH1 late-night talk show to unplug from work and from her duties as a mom to son Evan, 10. McCarthy has kept the ambiance of the room muted.

“My color scheme comes when I add flowers – I like to bring in a big bouquet of orange roses,” says McCarthy, who puts her makeup on while sitting on the room’s slate floor.

“I bring a mirror down there and all my products and do it hippie-style,” she says. The only thing missing from her hideaway?

“My tub fits two people,” she says. “So I’m looking for that other person.”