John Legend, Bernie Sanders, and Mia Farrow were among the many to react on Twitter

Credit: Senate Television/AP

The U.S. Senate rejected four new gun control proposals on Monday, and Hollywood is not happy about it.

Measures proposed by both Republicans and Democrats in the wake of last week’s shooting attack in Orlando, Florida that killed 49 people called for tougher background checks – including improvements to the current background check system – and would have halted suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms.

Each measure required 60 votes for passage. None acquired the necessary amount, with closest gaining 53 votes.

Soon after the announcement that all of the proposals were rejected, Hollywood A-listers took to Twitter expressing their disgust at the Senate.

“The foolishness and heartlessness coming from our Congress re: gun control is not surprising, but still so very disappointing and shameful,” singer John Legend. “You don’t get to talk ‘tough on terror’ if you’re too afraid of the NRA to do anything about guns. You’re a coward.”

Legend continued, calling for action from the masses.

“We have to vote the GOP out of leadership of both House & Senate to get anything done on guns. Please vote in November,” he added, followed by a series of tweets naming the senators who voted against the proposals.

Mia Farrow, Sara Foster, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Kristin Davis were among others who aired their frustrations at the decision.

Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton also offered her opinion.

“An overwhelming majority of Americans (and gun owners) support steps to reduce gun violence. RT if you’re one of them, #DisarmHate,” she tweeted.

In a tweet that followed shortly after, Clinton shared a message containing the names of the 49 victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

“Enough. H,” she captioned the tweet.