Oh, Baby! We Have 15 Name Suggestions for Holly Madison's Second Child

The former Girls Next Door star is already mother to 2½-year-old daughter Rainbow Aurora

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

ICYMI: Holly Madison exclusively revealed to PEOPLE that she’s expecting her second child with husband Pasquale Rotella. While we’re excited this means yet another chapter for the former Girls Next Door star – whose memoir caused a stir last year – and a little sibling for older sister Rainbow Aurora, 2½, we can’t help but ponder something super important: What will the reality star and her hubby name their second child?

After all, a name as unique as Rainbow Aurora must be followed up with something as, if not more, creative. So we rounded up a list of potential baby names for the expectant mom to consider.

1. Willow Azalea: Because we like to think Madison is a big Willow Smith and Iggy Azalea fan.

2. Clover Field: An ode to the 2008 thriller starring Lizzy Caplan.

3. Ariel Aviana: Because it’s no secret the reality star is a big lover of Disney princesses.

4. Isa Sparkle: It’s the sassy-cute equivalent of Rainbow Aurora.

5. Fordham Joy: Nothing sounds better than a name made up of a Bronx, New York, street and emotion.

6. Effie Everdeen: Equal parts whimsical and tenacious – how does that not describe the youngest child?

7. Elodie Rose: Because the initials E.R. are also the name of the best TV drama of all time. #nostalgia

8. Gray Sunshine: Just in case Madison has a hunch her second child will be as rebellious (“Gray”) as he or she is sweet (“Sunshine.”)

9. Bex Kinsley: An easy way to launch the kid to rock ‘n’ roll stardom.

10. Uri Shea: Doesn’t this just sound like an author name? You know, in case he or she wants to follow in mom’s footsteps.

11. Beckett Tadeo: A cool-sounding name, is all.

12. Happy Angus: Hmm, but would he or she be “Happy” with this name? So torn. So unsure – so fitting for a teenager.

13. Keaton Stone: Because who doesn’t worship Diane Keaton and Emma Stone?

14. Holden Diamond: Naming your kid Holden Caulfield is just way too basic at this point

15. Kadence Finn: Nickname? Kady. #MeanGirlsForever

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