'Hollow Man' Beats 'Klumps'

It took an invisible Kevin Bacon to bounce Eddie Murphy and his many Klump characters from the top of the box office chart this weekend. Meanwhile, a group of senior astronauts (“Space Cowboys”) overcame a band of sexy bartenders (“Coyote Ugly”). The weekend tally:

1. “Hollow Man,” $26.8 million

2. “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps,” $18 million

3. “Space Cowboys,” $17.6 million

4. “Coyote Ugly,” $17 million

5. “What Lies Beneath,” $13.9 million

6. “X-Men,” $6.1 million

7. “Scary Movie,” $4.2 million

8. “The Perfect Storm,” $3.8 million

9. “Disney’s The Kid,” $2.9 million

10. “The Patriot,” $2.3 million

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