Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson continue to be one of the cutest couples on Twitter.

The actresses – who have yet to confirm their romance themselves – carried on their sweet and flirty Twitter exchanges on Friday with Taylor, 72, calling her girlfriend “m’darlin.'”

We all love those good morning texts from a significant other, and Paulson, 40, appears to be a fan too.

And when the former Two and a Half Men star didn’t respond right away, the American Crime Story star adorably called out her partner.

“Psssst… I said, MORNIN’,” Paulson wrote to which Taylor replied, “OMG, late start over here! ‘Mornin’ !… Or, ‘Noon, m’darlin.'”

And their fans got involved as well! One follower wrote to the couple with an American Horror Story reference that Paulson has since retweeted. “@MsSarahPaulson @HollandTaylor you better say morning back or sarah will unleash Sally on you!”

Multiple sources told PEOPLE that the pair have been dating for “a few months.”

This isn’t the first time they’ve openly expressed public displays of admiration for one another. In fact, they’ve been posting about each other as early as June and keeping their affections under the radar.