“The Queen is kicking up a stink over the smell of onions from burger stalls outside Buckingham Palace,” reports Britain’s sensational Sun tabloid. So rank is the odor that Her Majesty “has ordered cops to crack down on the fast food cowboys and move them well away from her front gate.” Apparently, says the paper, Prince Andrew shares his mother’s feelings about the smell coming from the hot-dog and burger carts and about the people they attract. Said inspector David Dance: “Up to six (cart peddlers) gather outside the Palace on most days, many of them east European refugees. They create a horrible smell, especially with those onions. And there’s a health risk as well. A lot of them don’t their wash hands between serving.” And things don’t seem to be getting any better. “We ask them to move if they haven’t got a license,” complains Dance, “but the next day they come back.”

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