Hogan Son's Injured Friend Shows Slight Improvement

John Graziano is semi-conscious and has opened his eyes, says his mother

Photo: Splash News Online

John Graziano, the young Marine who was critically injured in an Aug. 26 car crash involving Hulk Hogan’s son Nick, has shown small signs of improvement, his mother tells a Tampa TV station.

Graziano, 22, is now semiconscious and has opened his eyes, his mother Debra tells Tampa Bay’s 10 News. He still cannot breathe without a machine and has not spoken since the accident.

He also leaned away from his mother when she tried to touch his face recently, she said.

Graziano had just returned from Iraq when he was injured. He was a passenger in Nick Bollea’s car when it careened off the road and struck a tree in Clearwater, Fla.

Citing court documents, the St. Petersburg Times reported in October that the most Graziano could hope for was to open and shut his eyes periodically.

Bollea, 17, faces criminal charges including reckless driving in the case.

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