By Maria Yagoda
September 07, 2015 02:50 PM
Socality Barbie/Instagram

Socality Barbie is living her best, most authentic life – and, like all Instagram users, she’s desperate to prove it to you.

Joining the ranks of parody Instagram accounts like Millenials of New York, this brilliant hipster Barbie account makes fun of That Girl on social media who always manages to make you feel bad about yourself for a) not traveling enough, b) not having enough friends, let alone hip ones and c) not eating artisanal ice cream on a regular basis.

The account, created by a Portland, Oregon, wedding photographer, shows the bespectacled Barbie posing in front of all sorts of rustic, aesthetically-pleasing backdrops – from a pile of logs to shadowy boardwalks – as she tries to rack up as many likes as possible, using hastags like #authentic, #finditliveit and #neverstopexploring. Since the account’s first post on June 2 (a selfie captioned, “I believe in the person I want to become”), Socality Barbie has acquired over 635,000 followers.

We could hate on her all day, but there’s a reason our Insta frenemies have more followers than us. So, we’re paying attention – here are a few social media lessons we could all learn from Socality Barbie.

Tip #1: Make your posts look artsy by adding weird visual effects. (Intentional blurriness works, too.)

Tip #2: Pose slightly off-center for an alternative take on your average selfie.

Tip #3: Make sure everybody knows how many friends you have.

Tip #4: Once people know how pretty you are, it’s okay to post pictures that don’t have your face in them.

Tip #5: If you don’t drink artisanal coffee, you may as well delete your Instagram account.