August 06, 1998 12:00 AM

It was a wash for the second annual Source magazine Hip-Hop Awards presentation in Pasadena, Calif., last night. Police shut down the festivities, right after Lil’ Kim had done her number, when shoving and fistfights broke out and as many as 75 audience members rushed the stage tossing objects, reports Reuters. The incident took place 2 1/2 hours into the taping, which was scheduled for broadcast on the UPN network on Aug. 29 and included the presentation of awards to Grammy-winning rappers Dr. Dre and the perennially embattled Eminem. Police told Reuters that they were unaware of the cause of the skirmish and that no arrests were made or injuries reported. A statement from UPN, which has not said if the show will air, called it “unfortunate that the irresponsible actions of a few individuals” stopped the event.

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