Web entrepreneur Rick Salomon, seen having sex with socialite and hotel heiress Paris Hilton in a now-notorious amateur videotape making the digital rounds, has filed a $10 million slander lawsuit against Hilton, her parents and her publicist, reports Reuters.

In his lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, Salomon, 36, claims the Hiltons and publicist Sari Garber have sought to portray him as a criminal.

Garber had no comment on Salomon’s claims, says Reuters, though the rep has told PEOPLE: “What nobody realizes is that (Paris) is actually kind of shy.”

The Hiltons have threatened legal action against anyone who releases the tape, which, as PEOPLE reports in its current issue, was shot three years ago (before Saloman married Shannen Doherty) and is green, grainy and graphic.

“Hilton, her family and at least one of her publicists have … embarked on a cold, calculated and malicious campaign to portray Salomon as a rapist who took advantage of a sweet and innocent girl who had no idea what happened to her,” the lawsuit says.

“Defendants then cleverly hinted to the press that there might be an issue as to whether Hilton was underage, which they obviously could have dismissed with one phone call,” the lawsuit also says.

On Dec. 2, PEOPLE reports, Hilton will make her legit TV debut in the FOX reality show, “The Simple Life,” in which she and fellow wealthy pal Nicole Richie live with a family in Arkansas for one month.