Twitter responds (surprise!) less than charitably to Hillary Clinton's team

Credit: Courtesy Jennifer Palmieri

So much for chivalry.

When some of the women on Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign staff got stuck in the Ladies’ Room at campaign headquarters on Wednesday, communications director Jennifer Palmieri tweeted an SOS: “Trapped in the women’s bathroom at Brooklyn HQ. Anyone handy with a credit card door unlock?”

Within minutes, the Associated Press reporter covering Clinton’s campaign replied with a request for updates: “Let us know how this turns out.”

Another member of the media suggested a Skype live shot from the lavatory on efforts to, as one Twitter user put it, “free the Brooklyn Six!” (There were actually seven.)

The rest of the Twitterverse pounced on the opportunity to make political points on everything from Clinton’s email controversy, to the racial diversity of that tiny sampling of her staff, to the poster taped to the mirror to remind workers to “Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands.”

Lucky for the ladies, they didn’t need a credit card afterall. They went straight for ripping out the doorknob.

And if the men on Team Hillary remain vulnerable to a fickle doorknob on their restroom …

How’s that for sound advice?