Hillary Clinton tells PEOPLE she's grateful that she was able to "take a few days off" – because "a lot of people can't" afford to do so

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall and Lindsay Kimble
Updated September 21, 2016 06:00 AM
Credit: Joe Pugliese

Three sick days for her recent pneumonia were plenty for Hillary Clinton.

“I’m not great at taking it easy,” the Democratic presidential nominee tells PEOPLE. “I bounce off the walls a little bit.”

Clinton was recovering from the infection when she nearly fainted at the National September 11 Memorial in New York City earlier this month.

After just three days of rest, Clinton, 68, was back on the campaign trail last week.

In an email followup to her PEOPLE interview with running mate Tim Kaine for the new issue on newsstands this week, Clinton said, “I will admit it was nice to spend some time hanging out with our dogs and binge-watching a little TV.”

She says she also got to catch up on her debate-prep briefing materials – and get a little reflective about taking time to take care of herself. “Most of all, it really brought home for me how lucky I am.”

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“When I’m feeling under the weather, I can take a few days off,” she explains. “A lot of people can’t – they go to work sick, or lose a paycheck. Getting sick is devastating for some families, but a bump in the road for others. That’s not right.”

The former Secretary of State adds, “Something as fundamental as affordable health care or financial security – that shouldn’t come down to luck. They should be within reach for every family in America. That’s why I got into this race, and that’s what I’ll fight for as president.”

The takeaway wasn’t exactly the more practical lesson Clinton’s husband had hoped she would learn from her brief health scare.

Bill would want me to say that it has taught me to drink more water,” she says. “Always a good thing to do!”

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