The Latest Clinton Emails: Five Must-Reads for a Peek into Hillary's Personal Life: 'Homeland' , Hairstyles, Naomi Watts and More

Find out who Hillary Clinton nicknamed "Mittens"

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From a quest for a “fishtail bun” tutorial to an inquiry about what channel Homeland is on, the latest court-ordered release of Hillary Clinton‘s private emails gives us the biggest glimpse yet into her personal life.

The roughly 7,800 pages of emails released on Monday are full of fun tidbits and celebrity name-drops for politi-philes and laymen alike to geek out over.

Here are the highlights:

1. Clinton’s nicknames for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are nothing short of hilarious.
In a January 2012 note to confidant Sid Blumenthal, Clinton refers to Romney as “Mittens” and Gingrich as “Grinch.”

“If Mittens can’t beat Grinch in Florida, there will be pressure on state Republican parties to reopen or liberalize ballot access,” she wrote in reference to the Florida GOP primary.

2. Clinton searched for videos on how to do a fishtail bun hairstyle.
Clinton has long laughed off criticism about her hair – but it turns out she really does care.

A January 2013 email to a staffer includes a link to instructions on how to make a fishtail bun. “Pls print,” Clinton instructed the staff member.

3. Clinton watches Homeland – when she can find it.
In an October 2012 email to aide Philippe Reines titled “Stupid question,” Clinton asks where she can watch Showtime’s political thriller series Homeland.

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“Hey, I need some help,” Clinton writes. “Do you know what channel on the TV in DC is the program listing? And, specifically, what channel number is Showtime?” She quickly follows up with another email: “Because I want to watch Homeland.”

Reines replies, “If you have Comcast, it’s channel 339 or 340 (one is HD and one isn’t) If you don’t have Comcast, I can look it up.” Clinton’s reply: “You won’t be surprised to hear I’m not sure.”

4. Clinton couldn’t resist name-dropping Naomi Watts to former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson.
She clearly couldn’t wait to share the juicy anecdote, writing right in the subject line of a December 2012 email: “I met Naomi Watts last weekend and we talked about you and Valerie and how amazing you both are!”

(Watts played Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame – a former CIA officer whose identity was infamously leaked in a 2003 Washington Post column – in the 2010 film “Fair Game.)

5. When Steven Spielberg calls, Clinton answers.
The Oscar-winning director wanted to speak with Clinton ahead of his meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres, and she obliged.

“SS has lunch tomorrow with Shimon Peres and sent HRC an email to see if she has a minute to talk between now and then?” wrote Andy Spahn, the former head of corporate affairs and communications for DreamWorks SKG.

Capricia Marshall, State’s chief of protocol, forwarded the message to Clinton and aide Huma Abedin: “Fyi – Steven Spielberg hoping to chat with you.”

“Capricia – call set up for noon tomorrow,” Abedin wrote back.

And one more for the road: Clinton once wrote to her daughter using Chelsea‘s top secret pseudonym – Diane Reynolds.

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