Hillary Clinton: Trump's Not the Only GOP Candidate 'Offensive' to Women

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hilary Clinton fired back after Donald Trump's remarks about Megyn Kelly, and took aim at Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush on Monday

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Donald Trump isn’t the only GOP candidate getting heat over comments he made about women in last week’s Republican debate. Democratic presidential frontrunner Hilary Clinton took aim at him and a few others in a speech on Monday.

“Yes, I know it makes great TV. I think the guy went way overboard – offensive, outrageous, pick your adjective,” Clinton said of Trump’s remarks about Fox News host Megan Kelly. “But what Marco Rubio said has as much of an impact in terms of where the Republican party is today as anybody on that stage, and it is deeply troubling. And it should be to the press, not just to those of us who have been doing this work for so long.”

In last week’s GOP debate, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio stated his opposition to abortion in all instances, while Florida Gov. Jeb Bush indicated that women’s health is overfunded.

Clinton, who is an advocate for improving women’s health benefits, couldn’t help but further address Trump’s recent remarks regarding Kelly.

“I said it was outrageous, I stand by that,” Clinton said after a town hall meeting in New Hampshire on Monday. “I think more people should say the same.”

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Clinton continued: “It’s all entertainment. I think he’s having the time of his life. Getting up on that stage, you know, being up on that stage, saying whatever he wants to say, getting people excited, both for and against him.”

Though Clinton said that the Fox News host was completely capable of defending herself, her fear is for those women who aren’t.

“I just want to remind us that what they say about women – not one woman who is perfectly capable and incredibly impressive, able to take care of herself,” Clinton said. “But all these women that I have fought for, worked for, stood up for, advocated for and want to be a president for, who may not have the opportunity to defend themselves, who may lose the right to exercise a personal choice if certain of the Republicans were to be successful, I don’t want that forgotten.”

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