Hillary Clinton carries talismans with her on the campaign trail
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty

Hillary Clinton is not just gathering up votes on the campaign trail, she’s collecting – and carrying with her – the little lucky charms that supporters press into her hand along the rope lines at her rallies.

“People give me all kinds of charms, mementos that are important to them and I do keep them with me,” the Democratic presidential candidate tells PEOPLE in an interview.

But those she wears closest to her heart come from her husband, Bill, and feature the smiling little face of their 16-month-old granddaughter, Charlotte.

“I have a bracelet that Bill gave me with a baby picture of Charlotte, which she loves to point at and say ‘Baby!’ ” says Clinton of her meaningful jewelry, by Monica Rich Kosann. Then there’s the locket her husband gave her for their 40th wedding anniversary last October. And another gold necklace she wears all the time “because it’s got more pictures of Charlotte.”

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“So I carry my own personal talismans around with me,” Clinton says. “But then I also carry around things that people have pressed into my hand that are important to them – a rosary, a medal, a Purple Heart medal, a prayer ring, a knitted cross, an evil eye to ward off an evil eye.”

“I get so much love and support from people that I meet for the first time and I try to remember that too.”

As lucky backup for the voting ahead in her tight race with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, also wears – every day – a locket with her baby girl’s photo in it.

“This is just for life luck,” says Chelsea, “though I certainly hope that transfers to my mom.”