Who Wooed Whom? Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Meeting Bill – And Their First Kiss

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton describes meeting her future husband Bill at Yale Law School

Photo: Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun/AP

Hillary Clinton is taking it back to where it all began.

The Democratic front-runner talked to Access Hollywood about how she met husband and former president Bill at Yale Law School – and she made the first move.

“We kind of were looking at each other, we’d pass each other in the halls, we’d pass each other on the street, and I had never really been introduced to him,” Hillary said. “I asked somebody who is it and they said, ‘Oh that’s Bill Clinton he’s from Arkansas, that’s all he ever talks about.’ ”

“So I was intrigued, and so finally, one day I went up to him and said, ‘If you’re going to keep looking at me and I’m going to keep looking back, we at least ought to know each other’s names.’ ”

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But while she made the first move, Bill was the one who really got the ball rolling – with a little white lie.

“The very last day of classes, we were in a class together and I was leaving the class and he caught up to me and said, ‘Can I go with you, where are you going?’ and I said, ‘To register for next semester.’ And he said, ‘Oh, well I’ll go with you.’ ” Hillary said. “And we started talking, we stood in line together. And I got up there and the registrar looked at him and said, ‘Well Bill, you’ve already been here.’ ”

“It was like his cover had been blown.”

But it was a cute start to their first date – which led to their first kiss.

“We just started walking around, New Haven, Connecticut, and we spent hours together, we went to a museum, we went to dinner, we just went on and on. And then he walked me back to my dorm and that was the first kiss, so I remember all about it.”

The full interview with Hillary airs Monday, March 28 on Access Hollywood.

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