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June 09, 2016 12:00 PM

Almost 14 months after announcing her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton made history as the first female presumptive presidential nominee of a major policial party.

And she’s ready for a break.

In an interview with the New York Times, Clinton admits that her victory and its implications are huge, it is also “something [she’s] still processing.”

Now that she has a moment to breathe, Clinton reveals to the Times that she plans to find a good book to enjoy.

One recent read that will stay with her through the general election is Diana Nyad‘s Find My Way, the swimmer’s memoir about her 111-mile journey from Cuba to Florida at 64 years old.

“When you’re facing big challenges in your life, you can think about Diana Nyad getting attacked by the lethal sting of box jellyfishes,” Clinton said. “And nearly anything else seems doable in comparison.”

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Clinton will also keep her late mother’s memory with her on the campaign trail. She shared a photo of her mother on Instagram following the news of her wins on Tuesday.

“I wish my mom were here tonight to share this moment,” she wrote. “She was my rock from the day I was born until the day she left us. This past Saturday would have been her 97th birthday she was born the same day Congress passed the 19th Amendment to give women the right to vote.”

Dorothy Rodham taught her daughter from a young age to stand up for herself.

“She was such a stalwart support in every way, most personal, but she would have been excited; she would have been proud,” the former Secretary of State told the Times.

However, Clinton admits her mother also would have been protective and worried for her.

“She might have been a little apprehensive,” Clinton says. “This is a very big step.”

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