May 18, 2015 11:15 PM

Hillary Clinton may be a presidential candidate, but she’s also a doting grandmother. And she has a guess as to what her granddaughter’s first words might be.

“Enough with the reading.”

Clinton, 67, joked Monday that she and her family members have been reading constantly to baby Charlotte – daughter of Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky – to the point that she’s probably had enough.

“Here she is, seven and a half months old, and we are just reading and reading and reading,” she said. “We know it aids her brain development. That has been one of the great discoveries of brain research.

She also said she and husband Bill Clinton often make visits just to see Charlotte.

“We just go to stare at her,” she said. “It is wonderful and silly at same time.”

Hillary and Chelsea spent Mother’s Day in New York with their husbands. It was Chelsea’s first Mother’s Day since giving birth to Charlotte in September.

Chelsea Clinton: I Love Watching Mom Sing to Charlotte

Asked about her presidential campaign, Clinton also said that her past as a First Lady gives her an edge in understanding the demands of the office.

“I am going into this race with my eyes wide open about how hard it is to be the President,” she said. “I have a little experience with that I believe I can go into that office on the very first day and do what is required.”

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