The State Department released hundreds of new emails from Hillary Clinton's private server on Wednesday
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty

As Hillary Clinton continues to weather questions about her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State, the State Department has released a new batch of emails that offer a glimpse into the mind of the woman currently seeking the highest office in the land.

From the serious to the mundane, the new emails released Wednesday show a woman juggling the complicated issues of the world as well as her own image – and one who isn’t afraid to ask for a little tech support now and then.

Here’s a few highlights:

Are You Up?
Clinton, 67, has long relied on close aide Huma Abedin and an email titled “Are you Up” serves to demonstrate their tight bond. Clinton typed the email to Abedin at 10:53 p.m. on a Sunday night in 2011, writing “I’m going to try to make calls … but I can’t get the ringer on.” Abedin dutifully wrote back five minutes later to let her know that yes, she was indeed up – and “Monica will come turn ringer on.”

It’s a Good Thing
Aides to Clinton appear to keep their boss abreast on news stories and editorials that praise the former First Lady – who will occasionally chime in when she wants something clarified. In Oct. 2011, close advisor Cheryl Mills forwarded an email titled “Hillary ‘Robin Hood’ Clinton,” sharing a tweet from Hans Rosling, a champion of the open data movement in Sweden. “What does this mean???” Clinton wrote back using multiple question marks. “It’s a good thing” Mills replied simply.

Tim Gunn vs. Hillary Clinton
Mills also made sure to forward Clinton an email she received with the subject line “Tim Gunn, talking smack.” The forward contained an article from Think Progress titled “Tim Gunn May Know Style, But He Doesn’t Know Hillary Clinton, Diplomacy, Or Apparently, Much About Sexism.” The article takes aim at the Project Runway host for apparently describing Clinton as someone who dresses “like she’s confused about her gender.” If Clinton responded, it wasn’t included in the released emails.

She Knows How to Charm Ellen DeGeneres
The then-Secretary of State clearly demonstrated a much chummier relationship with talk show host Ellen DeGeneneres, as an email titled “If Ellen DeGeneres in LA” demonstrates. After Mills sent her boss an email with talking points for the comedian to use in case Clinton encountered her at the Hollywood Bowl and could convince her to “promote your HIV/AIDS speech in two weeks,” Clinton responded as if she and DeGeneres were old friends. “I spoke w her and she said she would do whatever we asked and so full speed ahead!”

Madeleine and Hillary – BFFs?

In a rare effusive email from Clinton, the Secretary of State showed a softer side in an email exchange with predecessor Madeleine Albright. Clinton sent an email to Albright in July of 2011 concerning her “great mtg” with the Turkish PNB chapter. “Thank you for your leadership and your friendship which mean the world to me! Happy Summer– H.” Albright responded later that day with a similarly warm message: “Welcome home and look forward to catching,” she wrote in part. “Our friendship is unique. Love Madeleine.”