"We have a pretty big part of our heart committed to New Hampshire," Clinton said at a campaign party

By Tierney McAfee
April 21, 2015 08:20 PM
Courtesy William J. Clinton Library; Kevin Lamarque/AP

Hillary Clinton potentially has a bright future as the first woman president, but as she campaigns this week in New Hampshire, she’s waxing sentimental about her past.

“I was really anxious to get to New Hampshire,” Clinton told a small group of supporters at a campaign house party in Claremont, according to a statement from the campaign. “I just called Bill and I said, ‘You won’t guess, I am on my way from Keene to Claremont.’ We have a pretty big part of our heart committed to New Hampshire.”

Clinton, 67, explained that she celebrated her 44th birthday in Keene in 1991, while her husband, Bill Clinton, was campaigning ahead of the Granite State’s primary election. New Hampshire helped the former president finish second place in the race, earning him the nickname, “the Comeback Kid.”

The presidential hopeful stopped by Kristin’s Bakery in Keene on Monday ahead of a small-business roundtable event, telling one customer, “I came here in 1991. I celebrated my birthday here,” USA Today reports.

Another reason she’s keen on New Hampshire: During her first presidential campaign in 2008, Clinton made a rare public display of emotion at a diner in Portsmouth, prompting touched voters to grant her an unexpected victory against President Obama.

Clinton isn’t the only one feeling nostalgic. On Monday, the William J. Clinton Library sent the Internet into overdrive when it shared a throwback photo of Clinton on Instagram, in which she’s playing a Nintendo GameBoy electronic game on a flight from Austin, Texas, to Washington, D.C. on April 6, 1993. It was reminiscent of her BlackBerry-wielding "Texts From Hillary" meme that went viral in April 2012.

“I have become quite a fan of GameBoy,” she said in an April 1993 interview with TIME magazine, joking, “I really became addicted I’m going to seek treatment.”