World, meet Tyler Clinton

Credit: Photo by: Adina Doria/ @adinadoria

Hillary Clinton may have just made history, but it’s her super hot nephew that’s breaking the Internet.

Compliments, Tyler Clinton has been introduced to the world, and social media just can’t get over how cute the 18-year-old model looks.

“SOS @HillaryClinton has a hot nephew named Tyler God Bless America,” one Twitter user wrote, attaching a black and white shirtless photo of Tyler.

In the photo – which has quickly become the Internet’s favorite depiction of the teen – Tyler stands topless in denim as he smolders at the camera.

According to the outlet that surfaced the photos, Tyler is the son of Bill Clinton‘s half brother Roger Clinton.

It’s been reported that Tyler recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University in California and that former president Clinton spoke at his commencement speech, which means one thing for sure: Tyler’s got the brains to go with his undeniable good looks if he graduated when most kids are just starting.