And her first interview will go to PEOPLE for the issue to be released June 4

Credit: Bebeto Matthews/AP

One of the first hard choices Hillary Clinton faced penning her new memoir was what to call it.

Now that all 656 pages are off to the printer, the former Secretary of State has also chosen to give her first interview about the book – and her very first at-home interview since leaving government in 2013 – to PEOPLE for its issue on national newsstands June 6.

“I considered a number of titles,” Clinton, 66, writes in the Author’s Note released Tuesday in advance of the book’s June 10 release.

“Helpfully,” she says, “The Washington Post asked its readers to send in suggestions. One proposed It Takes a World, a fitting sequel to [my previous book,] It Takes a Village. My favorite was The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries and It’s Still All About My Hair.”

The well-traveled Clinton continues, “In the end, the title that best captured my experiences on the high wire of international diplomacy and my thoughts and feelings about what it will take to secure American leadership for the 21st century was Hard Choices.”

Hoping for dishy behind-the-scenes scoop from the woman who may yet be America’s next President – should she decide to run? You’ll be disappointed, writes Clinton.

“While my views and experiences will surely be scrutinized by followers of Washington’s long-running soap opera – who took what side, who opposed whom, who was up and who was down – I didn’t write this book for them.”