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July 31, 2015 08:20 PM

Tucked into the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails are several signs that, like any other office worker, the former secretary of state has plenty of office politics and irritants to contend with. In addition to, you know, national security and global diplomacy.

In the 1,356 pages of correspondence released Friday by the State Department, we get glimpses of how the presidential candidate interacts with her employees – from annoyed advisors to suck-up staffers.

Here are three interesting things we’ve learned.

1. Clinton’s senior advisor Philippe Reines once chastised her for emailing longtime aide Huma Abedin while they were both in the same room.
In an email titled simply “!” Reines writes to Clinton (cc’ing Abedin), “You can’t email Huma when she’s in the same room, I set it to be loud & grating when you do!”

2. Flattery will get you nowhere with "H".
Clinton’s then-director of policy planning Anne-Marie Slaughter, before leaving the State Department in 2011, emailed her boss on March 30 of that year: “Gorgeous pic on the front page of the NYT! One for the wall ” and then went on to say she’s “VERY dubious about arming the Libyan rebels.”

Ignoring the flattery, Clinton replied simply: “Why are you dubious?”

Slaughter wrote back that sending more arms into a society “as disorganized and fragmented as they are” will only lead to more violence. “Boys like to play with guns (trust me as the mother of sons).”

In another email, Clinton’s then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills forwarded her boss a viral video of the Democratic front-runner dancing in Kenya. “Thought you all would enjoy this: Secretary of Awesome, which is how the attached you tube video of HRC boogieing (quite well by the way) at Canivore,” Mills wrote, sharing a blog post from New York magazine.

Democratic strategist Kiki McLean got in on the gushing too, emailing: “She is the Secretary of Awesome…..and us blondes like to see our fellow fair hairs boogy.”

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3. The holiday season offers no respite for Clinton.
Clinton kicked of Thanksgiving Day 2009 with 11 phone calls with foreign ministers from countries including Japan, Brazil and Spain. The calls were scheduled in back-to-back 15-minute increments from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. “I doubt that all of these calls will be only 15 minutes,” Clinton emailed Abedin, who later tried to cheer her up by writing, “Amazing job on the calls! U r done after this ”

Thankfully, Clinton’s Christmas seemed a little lighter.

Late on Dec. 22, 2009, then-State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley wrote Clinton that he “had a little fun at today’s briefing,” telling the diplomatic press corps who were “bugging us regarding your holiday plans” that Clinton had departed Washington and “stopped at the North Pole for an important bilateral meeting with a well-known international figure” to convey her wish list for, among other things, Middle East negotiations, empowerment of women, Six-Party talks and dialogue with Iran.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” Clinton replied the following afternoon. “Don’t forget the partridge in the pear tree!!”

While Friday’s 1,356 of pages of emails show Clinton working pretty much around the clock, there was at least one Saturday morning she slept in – on Sept. 15, 2012, when she emailed her assistant at 10:43 a.m.: “I just woke up.”

The emails, which you can read for yourself here, are the third batch of some 30,000 pieces of electronic correspondence Clinton turned over to State Department from her controversial private server.

Nearly 300 emails were released in May, followed by another 3,000 pages earlier this month.

More of Clinton’s correspondence is expected to be released on the last business day of the month, according to Mother Jones.

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