Hillary Clinton's Three-Word Smackdown of Donald Trump Sets Twitter Record: 'Delete Your Account'

Democratic presidential candidate sparked more stir than even Caitlyn Jenner's must-retweeted debut

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With three short words – “Delete your account,” the ultimate Twitter smackdownHillary Clinton set herself a Twitter record.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s blunt retort to her Republican opponent Donald Trump on Thursday ranks as her most-retweeted comment on the social media site, with more than 403,300 users forwarding it on.

In just 24 hours, Clinton racked up more retweets even than @Caitlyn_Jenner‘s Tweet introducing herself to the world (almost 250,000 retweets).

Clinton’s previous record-holder, with 99,000 retweets, was her April 12, 2015 announcement that she was getting into the White House race.

The competitive Trump, who frequently boasts about the mass of followers he has on Twitter (8.8 million to Clinton’s 6.7 million) and Facebook (8 million to Clinton’s 3.9), might be feeling some retweet envy.

His most-retweeted entry, a controverial Cinco de Mayo message, was passed along just 84,000 times.

Thursday’s record-setting exchange of putdowns between Clinton and Trump came after President Obama made an online splash by endorsing Clinton in a video shared by her campaign on Twitter.

Trump weighed in by Tweeting, “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama –but nobody else does!”

And then they were off:

And on Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who endorsed Clinton on Thursday night and met privately with her on Friday morning, joined the online hair-pulling.

Just think: only 151 more days of this before Election Day, folks.

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