"I adore my daughter and I know what she was saying," Hillary Clinton said of Chelsea Clinton's attack on Bernie Sanders

January 13, 2016 02:35 PM

After Chelsea Clinton entered the campaign fray with a controversial swipe at Bernie Sanders‘ single-payer health care plan, mom Hillary Clinton is coming to her defense.

“First of all, you know, I adore my daughter and I know what she was saying,” Clinton said on Good Morning America Wednesday. “Because if you look at Sen. Sanders’ proposals going back nine times in the Congress, that’s exactly what he’s proposed. To take everything we currently know as health care – Medicare, Medicaid, the CHIP Program, private insurance, now of the Affordable Care Act – and roll it together.”

Clinton charged that Sanders’ single-payer health care plan will “cost middle-class families and working families.”

He should “tell the American people how much that’s going to cost him,” Clinton said. “Because every analysis that I’m aware of shows it’s going to cost middle-class families and working families. And also explain, why after this historic achievement of President Obama – we’ve been fighting to get some kind of affordable care since Harry Truman – now he wants to start all over again. I think those are legitimate questions.”

Chelsea took aim at Sanders during a campaign event in New Hampshire Tuesday, saying the Vermont senator wants to “dismantle Obamacare, dismantle the CHIP program, dismantle Medicare and private insurance.”

“I worry if we give Republicans Democratic permission to do that, we’ll go back to an era – before we had the Affordable Care Act – that would strip millions and millions and millions of people off their health insurance,” Chelsea added.

Obama’s former strategist David Axelrod was one of the first to criticize Chelsea’s comments, telling CNN, “Bernie Sanders is proposing single-payer, universal healthcare. You can hardly say he is trying to take healthcare away from anyone or retreat from Obamacare, he’s trying to exceed it. And so, it’s not really an honest attack. And it’s not something that they should have sent her out to do.”

Sanders also said Chelsea’s claims were “absolutely wrong.” In an interview with CNN after the State of the Union address Tuesday night, the Democratic hopeful said of his Medicare For All Plan, “This is a plan that works in 50 states in this country, whether you have conservative Republicans or progressive Democrats. It’s a national program.” Sanders added that his proposal would save middle-class families thousands of dollars.

Sanders struck back at Clinton’s campaign even harder on Wednesday, tweeting a photo of himself and Clinton together, which she had signed, “To Bernie Sanders with thanks for your commitment to real health care access for all Americans ”

Two new polls show Sanders is surging ahead of Clinton in Iowa and leading her by a margin of 53 percent to 39 percent in New Hampshire.

The senator said he believes Clinton’s recent attacks on him, and the fact that she’s beginning to draw more contrasts between the two rivals, are “an indication that the Clinton campaign is getting very, very nervous.”

Clinton laughed that idea off on Good Morning America, saying, “Now we’re in the sprint, and it is time to draw contrasts This is all in the context of my deep respect for him and his many years of service, but we have differences on guns and taxes and health care and I think people should have that information.”

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