Hillary Clinton stumbled upon John Schreck's pre-wedding celebration in South Carolina – and totally rolled with it

By Lindsay Kimble
March 01, 2016 12:35 PM
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Hillary Clinton: party girl?

Clinton stumbled upon a bachelor party while campaigning in South Carolina on Friday, and ended up scoring an invite to the nuptials.

Captured on video, Clinton, 68, was at Charleston’s Saffron Café and Bakery when she came across the lively group of men.

“I’m getting married today,” announced groom John Schreck, as identified by The Washington Post. “Holy shmoly,” Clinton responded, adding, “This is so neat.”

Hillary Clinton

Clinton turned to her staffers, happily sharing the big news, “He’s getting married today! That’s pretty exciting.”

“Feel free to come if you’re around,” Schreck told Clinton while she eyed one reveler’s Bloody Mary.

As the group gathered together for a photo, several of the men kneeled around the presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State.

“I love having men at my feet,” Clinton joked.

Schreck, an Atlanta, Georgia, resident, told the Post that he is still undecided when it comes to casting his ballot, but is a “big fan” of Clinton.

Clinton went on to win the South Carolina Primary on Saturday night, beating competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders by a 5-to-1 ratio.

The political veteran’s focus has now shifted to Super Tuesday, where she hopes to win delegates from the 11 states holding Democratic primaries and caucuses.